These meditations are not meant to mimic those epic journeys, but they
are meant to lead you on a journey nonetheless. A journey of reflection,
deep thinking, and renewal.

As the author herself says,
"It is my prayer that the sacred words and
concepts in this book, combined with the power of 40 days, will elicit both
self-determination and blessings in your life."
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We are proud to offer you our first e-book by
author and poet,
Quinita Edmonia Good, Soul Walk
-- 40 Days of Meditations.

The 40-day cycle of purification and renewal is one
that is subtly ingrained in our psyches: It rained on
Noah and his family for 40 days and 40 nights;
Moses and Elijah both fasted for 40 days. And
Jesus was tempted by the devil with food after he
had fasted for 40 nights and days in the desert.

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